With custom van roof racks, craftsmen and companies can ensure that their vans can carry extra materials and tools on the roofs. It's an effective and cheap way of adding extra space for transporting tools, materials and equipment.  It is common to add shelves and racks to work vans so that you can bring various tools with you without needing to pack in and pack out every single time that you're finished with a job or need to take the van out to a client's place. It adds safety and a way to add some form of organization to anything you bring with you inside your van.

 There are, of course, other reasons for installing racks and shelves onto a work van, though in the case of custom van roof racks the reasons are a bit more limited because of it just essentially providing some more space.

Modular racks

But custom van roof racks can't be found just anywhere, to get shelves and racks that meet the standards that a business requires. You need a manufacturer like Work System whom provides good quality that lasts. With most of their products being made in Småland, Sweden, they deliver quality shelves and racks for a wide variety of van models and brands. 

Regardless if it's the interior or roof that you need to add extra space and functionality to, Work System have products for it and with their modular design you do not have to buy it all at once but can instead safely add more custom van roof racks and shelves onto your van over time.​​